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Information Regarding Anaesthetic Fees

Our anaesthetists work as individual practioners within Nedlands Anaesthesia establishing their own practice structure and their own fee schedule.

Note that your anaesthetic fee is separate from the fees charged by any other doctors or the hospital/health facility where your procedure will be performed.

There maybe a Medicare rebate for your anaesthesia and if you have private health insurance you may receive an additional rebate from them. This rebate can vary between health funds and is affected by the members’ level of cover, the membership duration and the fee agreements the anaesthetist has with your health fund.

Private health funds receive the Medicare portion of your fee on your behalf from the government and then they pay their portion of the anaesthetic bill directly into the anaesthetist bank account.

In most cases the fee for your anaesthetic will be higher than your Medicare rebate and your health fund rebate but still well below the recommended fee set by the Australian Society of Anaesthetist(ASA)and the Australian Medical Association(AMA).

Any difference between the combined rebates and the total fee charged by your anaesthetists is the gap ie your out-of-pocket expense which is payable by you within 21days of receiving your bill.

Government legislation and private insurance company regulations prevent Australian patients from insuring against the gap.

Should you have any questions about your health insurance or rebates please contact your health fund.

If you do not know your exact procedure ring your surgeon and ask them for their MBS item numbers for the procedure. This enables your fund to advice you correctly.

If you require a quote from your anaesthetist please press the GET A QUOTE button and fill in the form. You will be emailed your quote for your anaesthetic.


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