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Billing and Payment Information

Billing Is To:

  • Your health fund and medicare: they receive the invoice electronically from Nedlands Anaesthesia for the maximum rebate claimable.
  • Patient: if there is an out-of-pocket expense this invoice will be sent by Nedlands Anaesthesia to the patient and is payable within 21 days. Or if the patient prepaid for their surgery they will receive a fully paid invoice after their procedure.
  • DVA: The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will receive all Veteran Affairs invoices directly from Nedlands Anaesthesia.
  • Insurance companies: receive patient’s workers’ compensation claims directly from Nedlands Anaesthesia.

Uninsured Patients

For these patients full payment for their anaesthesia is required one week prior to their procedure.

  • These are patients that have no Australian Medicare (includes Reciprocal Medicare Cover)
  • Patients without private health cover or an inadequate level of cover
  • Patients with overseas insurance
  • Patients having cosmetic surgery

Bill Paying Options:

  • Direct transfer: into your anaesthetist’s bank account. The Doctors Banking Details are on your invoice.
  • Cheque/money order: You can also pay by personal cheques or Australian post money orders made out to the doctor not the practice.

Please note: Personal cheques are not accepted as pre payment unless it has been cleared prior to your surgery (this usually takes 10 business days)