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  • What is the cost of my anaesthetic?

    Learn more in the Fee for Anaesthesia web page.

  • Is my doctor a no gap provider?

    Learn more in the Health Fund Agreements page.

  • How do I pay my bill?

    Learn more in the Fee for Anaesthesia web page.

  • Why are there 3 bills for one procedure?

    There are 3 parties involved with your procedure-the hospital, the surgeon and the anaesthetist. These 3 institutions are independent of each other and therefore have their own billing practices.

  • What are my fasting instructions?

    As a general guideline:

    • No solid foods or dairy products should be consumed 6 hours before your surgery.
    • For a morning procedure fast from midnight.
    • For an afternoon procedure you may have a light breakfast before 7a.m.
    • You may continue to drink water 4 hours before your surgery.
    • You may then continue to have sips of water up until 2 hours before your operation.
  • Should I stop taking my medication before my operation?

    As a general rule you may take your usual morning prescribed medications with a sip of water up to 2 hours prior to your surgery unless otherwise directed.

    It is important to cease some medication prior to your surgery such as blood thinning drugs eg warfarin, aspirin, fish/krill oil, clopidogrel etc . You may need to adjust or stop diabetic medication eg insulin, diaformin etc if requested by your anaesthetist or your diabetic specialist.

  • Where do I need to go for my pre-operative appointment?

    Dr Storer’s pre-operative appointments are conducted from Graham Forward’s Rooms: Suite 1/219 Onslow Road, Shenton Park on alternate Wednesday mornings and on the following alternate Thursday mornings from Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic:
    Suite 10/100 Murdoch Drive, Murdoch.

    To make a pre-operative appointment:
    Email info@nedanaes.com.au
    Phone (08)9200 2233

  • I have a chest cold will my procedure procede?

    Your anaesthetist would make that decision.

    Please ring (08) 92002233 so the staff can alert your anaesthetist before he/she contacts you.

  • Do I need to remove my fake nails?

    You can leave your false nails intact unless you are having hand surgery or your surgeon requests that they are to be removed.

    You need to remove your nail colour from one finger on each hand.

  • I have a laparoscopic gastric band

    Please notify us if you have a gastric band as the band may need to be deflated or fasting times altered.

Learn more by going to Frequently asked questions provided by ANZCA in the PDF brochure link.